VCF VI Workload Domain with NFS and a Static IP-Pool for Host TEP network

If you ever need a new VI Workload Domain in VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) Version 5.1 using NFS as principal storage and you don’t have a DHCP serverfor the Host TEP network of your Transport Nodes (or don’t want to use one) you have to get a little creative.

Unfortunately, you cannot use one of the preconfigured profiles for the VDS creation because they are all using DHCP for the IP Allocation and you cannot change this afterwards! You also cannot copy from the preconfigured profiles because of the same reason! You have to choose Custom Profile and configure your two VDS completely as you need! We used the configuration of the Management Workload Domain as template.

When you configure your custom VDS (in our example you cab see the second VDS which is used for NSX) you can finally create the New Static IP Pool:

I hope this short article was helpful to you. Feel free to share if you like…

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Date: 16.01.2024
Version: 1.0