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vSphere Diagnostic Tool (vdt)

The occasion was anything but desirable but this week I had the pleasure to work with a very skilled VMware Support guy to fix a broken vCenter ELM replication at a customer’s site. In this session I really learned a lot. But what stood out the most was this pretty new VMware Fling: https://flings.vmware.com/vsphere-diagnostic-tool vSphere …

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VxRail update guide

Last week a customer asked me to write a guide he can use to update his VxRail clusters on his own in the future. Because I think this guide could also be useful for others out there I decided to share a more or less generalized version on my blog. // important notes This guide …

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vSAN cluster shutdown & startup

Since the vSphere/vSAN version 7 Update 3 has been withdrawn and is about to be re-released shortly (but hopefully not installed in production very soon!), I had to use the “traditional” way to manually shutdown and startup two vSAN clusters of a customer due to power maintenance using the VMware procedure: Manually Shut Down and …

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