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Finally I had some time to catch up with all the VMware Explore US 2022 news. For vSAN 8 the biggest thing has been that there will be a new, single tier architecture called the Express Storage Architecture (ESA). The Orginal Storage Architecture (OSA, vSAN as we know it) will remain!

I have put together some quick infos about vSAN ESA:

vSAN 8 ESA – New and better
– space efficiency of RAID-5/6 erasure coding with the performance of RAID-1 mirroring
– adaptive RAID-5 erasure coding for guaranteed space savings on clusters with as few as 3 hosts
– storage policy-based data compression offers up to 4x better compression ratios per 4KB data block than the vSAN OSA
– encryption that secures data in-flight and at rest with minimal overhead
– adaptive network traffic shaping to ensure VM performance is maintained during resynchronizations
– lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by removing dedicated cache devices with the flexible architecture using a single tier in vSAN 8
– simplified management, and smaller failure domains by removing the construct of disk groups
– new native scalable snapshots deliver extremely fast and consistent performance to achieve backups more quickly through snapshot consolidations that are up to 100x faster

vSAN 8 ESA – Requirements (at the moment)
– Greenfield only
– vSAN Advanced or Enterprise license
– vSAN Read Nodes only
– All-NVMe TLC/QLC flash devices only, min. 4 devices per vSAN Node
– 25Gb Network

vSAN 8 ESA – Limitations (at the moment)
– no in-place upgrades from the OSA to ESA (OSA to OSA can still be performed)
– granular storage policies per VM(s) only (not per VMDK)
– no vSAN File Services
– no HCI Mesh (only as Client cluster)
– no deduplication
– no performing a Deep Rekey and/or turning off encryption on an already encrypted cluster
– no durability components

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