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Enable vLCM in VxRail Cluster

The vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) will not only be the “default” Lifecycle Manager for VCF, but will also be increasingly integrated into VxRail environments and work hand in hand with the VxRail LCM.

As of VxRail 8.0.210, vLCM supports additional functions that can shorten the update process:

  • ESXi Quickboot => permanent activation in the update settings
  • Pre-Staging (ESXi Image & Drivers) => similar to the VxRail LCM also for the next node
  • Parallel Remediation => with Dynamic Nodes only

In this post I want to demonstrate how easy it can be to enable vLCM in VxRail environments.

vLCM not enabled => click on the blue “ENABLE” Button
enable vLCM – add credentials
enable vLCM – add certificate
enable vLCM – credentials verified & certificate added
enable vLCM – validation
enable vLCM – compliant
enable vLCM – final question (after that there is no way back)
enable vLCM – task triggered
enable vLCM – successfully enabled
vLCM enabled – using VxRail 7.0.484
vLCM enabled – additional options using VxRail 8.0.210

I hope this demonstration was helpful to you. Feel free to share if you like…

// footnotes:

Date: 18.06.2024
Version: 1.0