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Debug VxRail vCenter script

Another month, another tool.

Many people probably don’t know it but there is a Dell script which you can use to check the vCenter Server (internally or externally) which manages the VxRail Cluster. It is especially helpful in case of troubleshooting or right before doing an VxRail update or upgrade because it gathers information about the vCenter MOB (Manager Object Browser) to map with the VxRail Manager DB.

The script goes by the name of “debug_vxrm-vc-<version>.sh” and you can download it as a zip file from the following Dell KB Article (login required):
VxRail Debugging – Generate additional MOB/DB data for VxRail

// use:
To use the debug script you just have to upload the zip file to your VxRail Manager appliance, unpack it and run the script:
# ./debug_vxrm-vc-7_0_010_later.sh
After that you just need to enter the SSO Admin credentials and follow the output…

// conclusion:

I have used it a few times now in combination with the other tools like vxverify.pyc or vdt.pyc before updating/upgrading a VxRail Cluster! It really does not take much time to run but the output gives you lots of informations and can be very helpful in special circumstances. That’s why I recommend it to everybody!

I hope this quick introduction was helpful to you. Feel free to share if you like…

// footnotes:

Date: 06.05.2022
Version: 1.0