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VxRail Upgrade Guide

After I have written the VxRail Update Guide I wanted to write about major version upgrades as well since there are still some companies out there running VxRail Version 4.7.xxx (which is by now End of General Support). Usually upgrades between major versions are a little bit more complex than updates within the same major …

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HCI Tools vSphere VxRail

Debug VxRail vCenter script

Another month, another tool. Many people probably don’t know it but there is a Dell script which you can use to check the vCenter Server (internally or externally) which manages the VxRail Cluster. It is especially helpful in case of troubleshooting or right before doing an VxRail update or upgrade because it gathers information about …

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HCI Tools vSAN vSphere VxRail

vSphere Diagnostic Tool (vdt)

The occasion was anything but desirable but this week I had the pleasure to work with a very skilled VMware Support guy to fix a broken vCenter ELM replication at a customer’s site. In this session I really learned a lot. But what stood out the most was this pretty new VMware Fling: https://flings.vmware.com/vsphere-diagnostic-tool vSphere …

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As Built Report

I am a really big fan of the As Built Report and have often used the default vSphere module in my projects especially when the customer has not ordered (resp. paid) an installation documentation. That’s why I wanted to write about it. Some time ago I had seen that the VxRail module has been released. …

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