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VxRail update guide

Last week a customer asked me to write a guide he can use to update his VxRail clusters on his own in the future. Because I think this guide could also be useful for others out there I decided to share a more or less generalized version on my blog. // important notes This guide …

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As Built Report

I am a really big fan of the As Built Report and have often used the default vSphere module in my projects especially when the customer has not ordered (resp. paid) an installation documentation. That’s why I wanted to write about it. Some time ago I had seen that the VxRail module has been released. …

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vSphere SSO domain replication topology

Last week I had a customer request to integrate a 3rd vCenter (Version 7 with embedded PSC) into his existing vSphere SSO domain where he already had 2 similar vCenters. His main use case was to have all vCenters in a single pane of glass using the vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM). As far as …

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